MT5 Futures Contract Specifications

*Updated January 2022

Code Description Exchange Fee Execution Fee MT5 Contract Size Contract Unit Tick/ $ Value
BP6British Pound$1.6$1.99162,500 £0.0001 / $6.25
CLECrude Light$1.23$1.9911,000 barrels0.01/$10.00
CPECopper$1.55$1.99125,000 lbs0.0005/$12.50
EDAEurodollar$1.6$1.991$2,500 x contract-grade IMM Index0.0005/$12.50
ENQE-mini NASDAQ-100$1.23$1.991$20 x Nasdaq-100 Index0.25/$5.00
EPE-Mini S&P 500$1.23$1.991$50 x S&P 500 Index0.25/$12.50
EU6Euro FX$1.6$1.991125,000€0.00005/$6.25
FVA5yr US Treasury Notes$0.65$1.991$100,000 note0.0078125 / $7.8125
GCEGold$1.55$1.991100 oz0.1/$10.00
HOENY Harbor ULSD$1.50$1.99142,000 gallons0.001/$4.20
JY6Japanese Yen$1.6$1.99112,500,000 ¥0.0000005 / $6.25
MESMicro E-mini S&P 500 ($5)$0.25$0.991$5 x S&P 500 Index0.25/$1.25
MNQMicro E-mini Nasdaq-100 ($2)$0.25$0.991$2 x Nasdaq-100 Index1.00 / $0.50
MYMMicro E-mini Dow $0.50$0.25$0.991$0.50 x DJIA Index1.00 / $0.50
NGENatural Gas$1.5$1.99110,000 mmBtu0.001/$10.00
NQGE-Mini Natural Gas$1.2$1.9912,500 mmBtu0.005/$12.50
NQME-Mini Crude Oil$1.2$1.991500 barrels0.025/$12.50
RBERBOB Gasoline$1.5$1.99142,000 gal0.0001/$4.20
RTYE-mini Russell 2000$1.231.991$50 x Russell 2000 Index0.1/$5.00
SIESilver$1.55$1.9915,000 oz0.005/$25.00
TYA10yr US Treasury Notes$0.75$1.991$100,000 note0.015625/$15.6250
USA30yr US Treasury Bonds$0.8$1.991$100,000 note0.03125/$31.2500
YME-mini Dow$1.23$1.991$5 x DJIA index1.00/$5.00
ZCECorn$1.95$1.9915,000 bushels0.25/$12.50
ZSESoybeans$1.95$1.9915,000 bushels0.25/$12.50
ZWAWheat$1.95$1.9915,000 bushels0.25/$12.50

Margin: Please note that MT5 uses day margin from 4:45pm ET to 6pm ET.

Day margin is 50% from exchange margin values.

Margin values can be found in the MT5 platform under the contract specification.

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