FX-Strategy 18 Apr 2024

Published at: April 18, 2024 3:08 AM

In the G10 FX Market, SEK and AUD are the top gainers today, up 0.38% and 0.28% versus the dollar while JPY and USD are the top losers. In the Asian equities, markets were trading firm today. The Nikkei 225 was trading at 38166.0, up 1.02%. The Hang Seng was trading at 16364.0, up 1.12%. In the European equities, indices were trading stronger today. The DAX 30 was trading at 17893.0, up 0.36%. The CAC 40 was trading at 8016.7998, up 0.32%. The FTSE 100 was trading at 7913.9004, up 0.3%. Looking at Equity Futures so far,The SP500 Futures was trading at 5045.0498, up 0.32%. In the Energy space, Oil futures were trading weak today. The WTI Crude Futures was trading at 82.212, down -0.06%. The Brent Crude Futures was trading at 86.871, down -0.11%.

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European Equities Daily Chart (1-month)

Daily FX Pivots

Brent Crude Daily Chart (1-month)

Forex Chart and Technical Analysis

EURUSD Chart (Two-week)

Strategy: Support at 1.0653 for 1.0726

Short-term view: EURUSD support comes in at 1.0653 MACD and RSI have a bullish bias. Hence, we see a bounce to 1.0726 enter at 1.0677. Below 1.0653 to open 1.0626

GBPUSD Chart (Two-week)

Strategy: Support at 1.2451 for 1.2516

Short-term view: GBPUSD support comes in at 1.2451 MACD and RSI have a bullish bias. Hence, we see a bounce to 1.2516 enter at 1.2472. Below 1.2451 to open 1.242

USDJPY Chart (Two-week)

Strategy: Resistance at 154.7 for 153.85

Short-term view: USDJPY resistance comes in at 154.7 MACD and RSI have a bearish bias. Hence, we see a dip to 153.85 enter at 154.42. Above 154.7 to open 155.01

AUDUSD Chart (Two-week)

Strategy: Support at 0.6427 for 0.6473

Short-term view: AUDUSD support comes in at 0.6427 MACD and RSI have a bullish bias. Hence, we see a bounce to 0.6473 enter at 0.6442. Below 0.6427 to open 0.6408

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