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FXDD Autochartist

FXDD is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Autochartist, a leading provider of automated technical analysis and trading insights in the Forex market. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our commitment to providing our clients with cutting-edge trading tools and resources.

Autochartist Services Overview

What is Autochartist?

Autochartist, a revered Forex trading tool, offers automated market analysis using advanced algorithms to scan for potential trading opportunities, grounded in historical and current market trend analysis.

For FXDD clients, Autochartist provides real-time trading signals, in-depth market volatility analysis, and identifies high-probability trading setups, making it an invaluable asset that enhances their trading strategies with timely, actionable insights and a strategic edge in the market.

Below are some of the free features included as an FXDD client that can bring a lot of value to your trading analysis. You can access them right now by login into your Customer Portal, located under Tools.

Receive Crucial Forex Insights Directly to Your Inbox!

Daily Market Insights

Join FXDD's exclusive Daily Market Report email service, a partnership with Autochartist, and get your daily edge in Forex trading. These reports are not just summaries; they're your personal guide to the markets, offering:

In-Depth Market Analysis
Start your day with a comprehensive overview of Forex market activities. Understand recent market changes and get predictions on future trends across currencies, commodities, and indices.
Key Price Levels and Chart Patterns
Discover crucial market prices and chart patterns in our reports. Make informed trading decisions with insights on vital support and resistance levels that could impact your buy or sell strategies.
Global Economic Event Updates
Stay informed on major global economic events and their potential effects on the Forex market. Use these insights to anticipate market shifts and spot valuable trading opportunities.
Access the Power of Autochartist

Research Portal Access

FXDD clients can easily access the Autochartist Research Portal directly through the FXDD Customer Portal. This integrated access allows for seamless navigation and utilization of the Autochartist tools.


Autochartist LaunchPad

Elevate your trading strategy with the Autochartist LaunchPad, designed for seamless integration with both MT4 and MT5 platforms. This innovative tool grants you direct access to advanced market analysis features of Autochartist. Experience the power of LaunchPad with:

MT4 and MT5 Compatibility: Effortlessly integrate with your preferred MetaTrader platform for a streamlined trading experience.

Efficient Market Analysis: Conduct quick and comprehensive analysis of Forex markets for real-time trading opportunities, directly within MT4 or MT5.

Customizable Alerts: Set personalized alerts for crucial market events and pattern formations, enhancing your trading decisions.

Empower Your Trading with Precision

Technical Analysis

Leverage the power of Autochartist's advanced technical analysis tools and indicators. This section provides real-time market scanning, identifying patterns and trends as they emerge, and equips you with customizable alerts to stay ahead in the dynamic Forex market.

  • Advanced technical analysis tools and indicators.
  • Real-time scanning of Forex markets for patterns and trends.
  • Customizable alerts for emerging and completed patterns.
Tailor Your Trading Experience

Autochartist Favorites

Customize your trading strategy with Autochartist Favorites. This feature allows you to personalize your selection of instruments and patterns, track your preferred setups, and receive notifications, focusing your attention on the trading opportunities that matter most to you.

  • Personalized selection of instruments and patterns.
  • Ability to track preferred patterns and receive notifications.
  • Enhanced focus on the most relevant trading opportunities.
Up-To-Date Financial News

Market News

Get up-to-date financial news content with the ability to narrow down your feed with a search function. Stock news, forex news and general news from multiple popular news providers with trending news and the ability to search for news on a specific asset.

  • Up-to-date news and analysis of Forex markets.
  • Insights into how global events impact currency movements.
  • Essential for informed decision-making and strategy development.
Measure Success, Enhance Strategy

Performance Statistics

Gain a deeper understanding of your trading approach with detailed performance statistics of trading patterns. This analysis of historical data helps gauge the effectiveness of patterns, aiding you in refining your strategies and improving decision accuracy for future trades.

  • Detailed statistics on the performance of trading patterns.
  • Analysis of historical data to gauge pattern effectiveness.
  • Aids in refining strategies and improving decision accuracy.

Follow this link for a quick view of the Performance Statistics.

Educational Video Content

Autochartist's Video Library

Enhance your trading knowledge and skills with Autochartist's extensive video content library. This resource offers a wealth of educational and informative videos, tailored to traders of all levels. Dive into a variety of topics that cover key aspects of trading, from basic concepts to advanced strategies.

Learn and Grow: Explore a range of educational video content provided within the portal.

Expert Insights: Gain valuable insights from experienced traders and market analysts.

Continued Learning: Stay informed and enhance your trading skills with up-to-date video tutorials and webinars.

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