Regulation and License

Triton Capital Markets Ltd.

FXDD Malta

Triton Capital Markets Ltd. holds a Class 2 investment services License no. IS/48817 issued by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

  • MFSA | Malta

    The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) is the single regulator of financial services in Malta. It is also the Resolution Authority. The MFSA regulates banking, financial institutions, payment institutions, insurance companies and insurance intermediaries, investment services companies and collective investment schemes, securities markets, recognized investment exchanges, trust management companies, company services providers and pension schemes.

Investor Compensation Scheme

The Investor Compensation Scheme administered by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), the Maltese regulator, provides limited protection for certain classes of investors. Triton Capital Markets Ltd. contributes to this scheme annually and in the event it becomes insolvent, its customer are afforded protection. FXDD’s customers will be eligible for compensation of 90% of their investment up to a maximum limit of €20,000. Professional Clients or Eligible counterparties are not eligible for compensation as they fall out of the scope of the Investor Compensation Scheme which was set up as a protection for retail customers.

Furthermore, Triton Capital Markets Ltd. is authorised to operate and provide cross border investment services in all the countries within the EEA, including but not limited to the following:

  • CONSOB | Italy

    The supervisory authority for the Italian financial products market; its aims are to protect investors and the efficiency, transparency and development of the market.
  • CNMV | Spain

    The Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) is the agency in charge of supervising and inspecting the Spanish Stock Markets and the activities of all the participants in those markets. It was created by the Securities Market Law, which instituted in-depth reforms of this segment of the Spanish financial system.
FXDD Mauritius Ltd.

FXDD Mauritius

FXDD Mauritius Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Commission, Mauritius. License Number C117017252

  • FSC | Mauritius

    The Financial Services Commission, Mauritius (the 'FSC') is the integrated regulator for the non-bank financial services sector and global business. Established in 2001, the FSC is mandated under the Financial Services Act 2007 and has as enabling legislations the Securities Act 2005, the Insurance Act 2005 and the Private Pension Schemes Act 2012 to license, regulate, monitor and supervise the conduct of business activities in these sectors.

Negative Balance Protection

Triton Capital Markets Ltd, provides clients with the benefit of Negative Balance Protection at its own cost which means that any client trading losses cannot exceed the available funds in the client accounts and client account balances will never become negative.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Customers may withdraw funds from their trading account at any time. When a customer submits redemption FXDD shall endeavour to process the redemption request within one to two business days. In order to expedite the process Customers are advised to ensure that the redemption form contains the correct details and has been completed in its entirely.

FXDD must be satisfied that the sender is the Client before making any amount available to the Client‘s Trading Account, otherwise the Company reserves the right to refund / send back the net amount received to the remitter by the same method as received.

FXDD does not accept any refunds to a person or entity other than the person or entity whose name appears on the Account unless FXDD’s compliance department has specifically approved the payment.

Mistakes made by the Company during transfer of funds shall be refunded to the Client. It is understood that should the Client provide wrong instructions for a transfer, the Company may be unable to correct the mistake and the Client may have to suffer the loss.

FXDD charges $40 to your account after the first redemption per month. A $50 transfer charge will be applied when sending funds to another Forex Broker, which will be deducted from the amount being transferred. When the redemption amount is less than $100 there will be an additional $25 fee Charged. FXDD is not responsible for any fees charged by intermediaries and other payment services providers including but not limited to foreign exchange rate fees, withdrawal fees and any other administrative fees. For further information on charges and fees please contact the customer service at +356 2013-3933


In cases where clients submit a chargeback, clients are responsible to cover any reversed payments and or chargeback fees.


Customers may cancel their account application at any time. FXDD may request a reason for the client’s cancellation decision in an effort to improve the services given to customers. FXDD may not cancel any accounts which have an account balance or open positions. Customers are required to redeem the funds and close current open positions before the account is cancelled. For further information on order cancellation customers are urged to read the FXDD customer agreement.

RTS 28 Reports

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