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Trade Indices, Single Stocks, Metals, and Energy CFDs on FXDD's Platforms

You can trade CFDs in various exciting markets, including indices, metals and energies all from our various platforms. Trading CFDs is one of the quickest and most accessible ways to tap into a multitude of markets, expanding the variety of your portfolio while increasing your opportunity potential.

CFD Guide

Offering List

Product Name Official Name
AUS200The S&P/ASX200 - The Australian Stock Exchange Index
FRA.40CAC40 Cotation Assistée en Continu - French Stock Exchange Index
GER.30DAX Deutscher Aktienindex - German Stock Exchange Index
UK.100FTSE100 - Financial Times & London Stock Exchange Index
NATGASNatural Gas
ESP.35Spanish Stock Exchange Index
UKOILBrent Crude Oil
USA.30Dow Jones Industrial Average
SPX500S&P 500
JPN225NIKKEI225 - Tokyo Stock Exchange
HKG.33Hang Seng Index - Hong Kong Stock Exchange
USD.XUS Dollar Index Futures

*Terms like S&P 500 or Dow Jones Industrial Average are trademarked and cannot be used by CFD brokers. As a result each broker must devise a unique name for these products.

Trading Hours and Break Times

Instrument Name Trading Hours in GMT
USA.30Sun 22:00 - Fri 20:15
NAS100Sun 22:00 - Fri 20:15
SPX500Sun 22:00 - Fri 20:15
OILUSDSun 22:00 - Fri 20:45
UK.OILSun 22:00 - Fri 20:45
XAU, XAG, XPTSun 22:00 - Fri 20:45
NATGASSun 22:00 - Fri 20:45
CopperSun 22:00 - Fri 20:45
UK.100Mon 7:00 - Fri 20:45
GER.30Mon 7:00 - Fri 20:45
FRA.40Mon 7:00 - Fri 20:45
ESP.35Mon 7:00 - Fri 19:00
AUS200Sun 23:00 - Fri 20:00
HKG.33Mon 01:15 - Fri 19:00
JPN225Sun 23:00 - Fri 20:15
USD.XMon 01:00 - Fri 22:00
Single StocksMon 13:30 - Fri 20:00

*Certain products' trading hours are subject to shift 1hour forward/backward with a change between Standard Time and DST

Pip Values

Product Name Currency Used for Pip Value Conversion PIP/Tic Decimal Pip/Tic Value
AUS200AUD0.01AUD/USD = 0.77; Pip Value = $0.0077
FRA.40 EUR0.01EUR/USD = 1.20; Pip Value = $0.012
COPPERUSD0.001Pip = $1.00
GER.30 EUR0.01EUR/USD = 1.20; Pip Value = $0.012
UK.100 GBP0.01GBP/USD = 1.35; Pip Value = $0.013
NATGASUSD0.0001Pip = $0.10
ESP.35 EUR0.01EUR/USD = 1.20; Pip Value = $0.012
UK.OIL USD0.001Pip = $0.10
USA.30 USD0.01Pip = $0.01
NAS100USD0.01Pip = $0.01
SPX500USD0.01Pip = $0.10
USD.X USD0.001Pip = $1.00
JPN225JPY0.01USD/JPY = 103.00; Pip Value = $0.0097

MT4 Configuration

Product Name MT4 Contract Size for 1.0 Lot Minimum Trade Lot Size Maximum Trade Lot Size
FRA.40 10.11000
COPPER 10000.11000
GER.30 10.11000
UK.100 10.11000
NATGAS 10000.11000
ESP.35 10.11000
UK.OIL 1000.11000
USA.30 10.11000
NAS100 10.11000
SPX500 100.11000
USD.X 10000.11000
JPN225 1000.11000
HKG.33 100.11000

Margin Requirement

Notional Value x Margin Requirement for the account

*Notional Value = Contract size * Price **Margin Requirement are converted to respective account currency


Margin Requirement for 1 standard lot of USA.30

Account leverage 1:100

Notional Value = Contract Size x Price 1 x 26,000.00 = 26,000

Margin Calculation = Notional Amount x Account Margin Requirement (1/100 = 0.01 or 1%) 26,000.00 x 1% = $260.00 Margin Requirement for 1 lot of USA30

Single Stocks

Stock Exchange Product Name Contract Size Minimum Trade Size Maximum Trade Size Commission Per Trade RT
NYSE3M Co (MMM)1000.011$16
NasdaqAdvanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD) 1000.011$16
NYSEAlibaba (BABA) 1000.011$16
NasdaqAlphabet - A Share (GOOGL) 1000.011$16
NasdaqAmazon (AMZN) 1000.011$16
NYSEAmerican Express Co (AXP) 1000.011$16
NasdaqApple (AAPL) 1000.011$16
NasdaqAstrazeneca (AZN) 1000.011$16
NasdaqBaidu (BIDU) 1000.011$16
NYSEBank of America (BAC) 1000.011$16
NYSEBoeing Co. (BA) 1000.011$16
NYSECaterpillar Inc (CAT) 1000.011$16
NYSEThe Coca-Cola Co (KO) 1000.011$16
NYSECorning Inc. (GLW) 1000.011$16
NYSEExxon Mobil Corp (XOM) 1000.011$16
NYSEGeneral Electric Co. (GE) 1000.011$16
NYSEGoldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) 1000.011$16
NYSEHome Depot Inc (HD) 1000.011$16
NYSEInternational Business Machines Corp (IBM) 1000.011$16
NYSEJohnson and Johnson (JNJ) 1000.011$16
NYSEJP Morgan Chase & Co (JPM) 1000.011$16
NYSELockheed Martin Corp. (LMT) 1000.011$16
NYSEMastercard Inc. (MA) 1000.011$16
NYSEMerck (MRK) 1000.011$16
NasdaqMeta (Meta) 1000.011$16
NasdaqMicrosoft Corp (MSFT) 1000.011$16
NasdaqModerna Inc. (MRNA) 1000.011$16
NYSEMorgan Stanley (MS) 1000.011$16
NasdaqNetflix (NFLX) 1000.011$16
NYSENike Inc (NKE) 1000.011$16
NYSEPfizer (PFE) 1000.011$16
NYSEShopify Inc (SHOP) 1000.011$16
NasdaqTesla (TSLA) 1000.011$16
NYSETwitter (TWTR) 1000.011$16
NYSEUnited Health Group Inc (UNH) 1000.011$16
NYSEVerizon Communications Inc (VZ) 1000.011$16
NYSEVisa (V) 1000.011$16
NasdaqWalgreens Boots Alliance Inc (WBA) 1000.011$16
NYSEWalmart Inc (WMT) 1000.011$16
NYSEWalt Disney Co (DIS) 1000.011$16
NYSEZoom Video Communications Inc (ZM) 1000.011$16

Trading Hours: 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM EST

Margin Requirement: 5% of the account leverage

Expiration Dates

USD.X Future Month Date of Expiration
Jun-24 6/13/2024
Sep-24 9/12/2024

Finance Charge

Holding a Long CFD Stock Index Tracker position after 17:00 EST (New York Time) involves a financing charge calculated as follows:

(P*Q*(Rf Offer+Finance spread))*(1/360)


P = Price

Q = Number of contracts

Rf Offer = Interbank offer rate

Finance spread = 3%

Holding a Short CFD Stock Index Tracker position after 17:00 EST (New York Time) involves a financing charge calculated as follows:

(P*Q*(Rf Offer+Finance spread))*(1/360)


P = Price

Q = Number of contracts

Rf Offer = Interbank offer rate

Finance spread = 2.5%

Please consider additional items in your calculations mentioned below:

A floor applies to the relevant Interbank Bid/Offer Rate, i.e. if the rate is negative it will be excluded from the financing calculation.

If the calculated financing rate on a short position (Interbank Bid Rate - Markdown) is negative, the financing credit will become a financing charge.

USD.X (US Dollar Index Futures) has a finance charge of LIBOR +3%

تعديلات الأرباح الشركات/CFD

يمكن أن يؤثر دفع الأرباح إيجابًا أو سلبًا على تكاليف الليلة لصفقاتك في CFD على المؤشر وCFD على الأسهم.

تمثل أرقام الأرباح توقعات مزودي السيولة لدينا وقابلة للتغيير.

تتألف CFD على المؤشر من مجموعة من الأسهم التي قد تخضع لدفعات الأرباح على مدار العام.

"التداول الليلي" اليومي لـ CFD على المؤشر وCFD على الأسهم هو مجموع "فائدة تبادل الفائدة" و"تعديلات الأرباح" و"تكلفة مالية".

تحدث تعديلات الأرباح عندما يتجاوز المنصب "تاريخ الانفصال عن الأرباح".

عند دفع الأرباح على سهم، سينخفض سعر السهم وبالتالي سينخفض قيمة المؤشر أيضًا.

ستتأثر الصفقات القصيرة إيجابيًا بانخفاض سعر المؤشر، بينما ستتأثر الصفقات الطويلة سلبًا وقد ينتج عن ذلك خسارة مالية.

يمكنك إغلاق صفقتك قبل الساعة 5 مساءً بتوقيت شرق الولايات المتحدة يوم واحد قبل "تاريخ الانفصال عن الأرباح" لتجنب تعديلات الأرباح.

القيم والتواريخ المعروضة في جدول تعديل الأرباح هي توقعات وقد تخضع للتغيير.

جدول تعديل الأرباح

(adjustment value are forecasts and actual numbers will fluctuate within shown range, and the range may be subject to change) (all adjustments are in US$ per one MT4 lot) (GER30 has no adjustment as it is a total return index so dividends are reinvested into the index ) (contract size per MT4 lot varies by products)

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