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The world of Forex trading is dynamic and the earning potential is huge, but it takes a solid game plan to succeed.

Today's traders are constantly looking for an edge.

Autotrading is a strong solution for staying on top of the market. And this program meets the standards of excellence FXDD demands.

When it comes to your money, we choose the leader among auto trading programs...

We Choose Mirror Trader.

Here's Why:

MirrorTrader puts every strategy through a rigorous selection process to weed out the weak ones before they enter the system.

Discarded if strategy closed less than 30 positions.

1. The Frequency

MirrorTrader only considers strategies that close 30 positions or more during the one-month testing period. Any strategies that are dead in the water are discarded.

2. The Standards

Just because a strategy can close enough positions, doesn’t mean it will be successful. MirrorTrader studies three key metrics to make sure the strategy is worthy of being uploaded.

3. The Interview

If MirrorTrader determines that a strategy is a good fit, they conduct an interview with the strategy provider to validate their credentials. Only when everything checks out, is the strategy pushed live.

2a. Consistency

MirrorTrader tests each system to make sure a strategy aren't opening and closing trades too quickly. If a system is closing positions every two seconds, it's eliminated.

2b. Profitability

Average profits and average losses ratio – During the testing period, the strategy has to be profitable. All strategies that break even or produce a loss are trashed.

2c. Legitimacy

Trading according to system rules – At FXDD Global, we allow scalping, however the MirrorTrader system does not allow this rule. MirrorTrader enforces other rules to protect users.

Strategy is launched.

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Smart Strategies

MirrorTrader's smart filters help you navigate and review over 300 available strategies to pick the one that will best serve your trading needs.

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You can search based on a number of variables including: pips earned, max drawdown,
or a strategy's unique T-score (how well it performs in current market conditions).

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